The lasercutter we have at Waag is a BRM Original Laser Machine with a height-adjustable work surface of 100 cm by 160 cm.

To test your material it’s easiest to have a material reference library and work from there, like the one we have here. I don’t have the template file that was used to create these examples, but this one is a good alternative. It is usually enough to do a few tests with some cubes, ellipses and/or lines (depending on what kind of job you want to do) in the corner of your material.

The software for this machine is lasercut5.3, and apart from its weird grammatical structures (originally Chinese software) it’s pretty straightforward in use.

Settings Power Speed Notes
Cut 10-100 1-400 You can set the power below 10 in the software, but there is no output
Engrave 10-100 1-500 If you want to engrave paths, use cut but set the speed high and/or power low




Soft stop error troubleshooting