Curling corners on the first layers

Possible causes:

Increase fan speed, lower printing temperature, increase bed temperature, add raft etc.

“If your printer does not include a special build platform material to help with adhesion, you still have options! Thankfully, there are several types of tape that stick well to common 3D printing materials. Strips of tape can be applied to the build platform surface and easily removed or replaced if you want to print with a different material. For example, PLA tends to stick well to blue painter’s tape while ABS tends to stick better to Kapton tape (otherwise known as Polyimide film). Many users have also had great success using a temporary glue or spray on the top of their build platforms. Hair spray, glue sticks, and other sticky substances tend to work very well if everything else has failed.”

First I am trying to fix this by:

If I change more settings than this I will not know what actually made the difference, so I will first look at what the result of these changes is. I will compare the Y axis carriage parts for this as I already printed one of these without all of these changed settings. I also leveled the bed because when I started this for the first time, it did not stick to the bed at all so I don’t think it’s level at all.