3d scanning

In the lab we have the Sense 2 3d scanner by 3d systems. This model is about 5 years old and could be bought around 400 euros (it’s discontinued now). Personally I’m not a big fan of this scanner; it only really works for busts and there are better options available for (a lot) less money now.

3d scanner sense

I tried scanning objects with my Iphone 8 Plus with the app Qlone. It is free to scan objects using this app; exporting to obj costs about 20 euros for unlimited exports. Although the app has a tendency to give 3d scans a bit of a ‘roof’ and is terrible with hollow objects (like cups), I was quite impressed with the results. You do need to print a grid (file provided by the app) so the scanner has a reference. I’ve printed one of 20x20cm but plan on printing one of 90x90cm later to try scanning larger objects.

Some scans with Qlone: