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concept description

Exploration of sensors and software as cocreators in a design process

Creating experimental tools for designers/artists. Digital/future craftsmanship is intertwined with technology, and I think this should be embraced. With sensors, environmental factors and chance machines can simulate a personality: something like a ghost in the machine. A machine can then become a designer just like a human can: together they can collaborate on a design, respond to each others’ actions and their environment. This is about connecting the physical with the digital, the crafted by hand and the machine made. (Acting as extensions of the human hand, a symbiosis of man and machine, the cyborg of the present.)

[if machines ever become sentient, is this what a peaceful coexistence looks like?]

Creating add-ons for ordinary illustration tools like:

Possible sensors to look into:


For now I think I will be working towards a modular design kit. Exploring what different sensors do in this context and what happens when you combine tools (simultaniously and sequentionally) will be very important and have to be documented properly. As a secondary result I hope to create many illustrations and designs using these tools.