tu first day, setting up, fabricademy digital bodies video lecture we fabricademy digital bodies presentation by Cecilia, learning how to use the laser cutter th open day, showing people around the labs, learning how to use the 3D-printer (printed miniature body using MakeHuman and PrusaSlicer) fr helping Maud with mycelium and straw experiments, research for project, wetlab experiments with Maud and Cecilia (dyeing silk with bacteria, creating food for bacteria and inoculating bacteria in petridishes) wk doing research for my projects


mo setting up hugo, doing research, finetuning model for digital bodies, preparing dxf files for lasercutting, figuring out how to cut off part of a body in Fusion360 (hint: do not forget to change the mesh into a body) tu presenting projects to Henk, fabricademy digital bodies review, helping Marie with lasercutting, getting hugo to work (the theme just did not work so I had to pick another), fabricademy lecture about circular open source fashion we spending 7 hours on lasercutting 2 cardboard sheets (everything that can go wrong will go wrong), painting wooden sticks for dutch design week with Sarah and Cecilia th (later because of delivering a look to Fashionclash) helping with open day fr working on sensors document and researching, hating hugo


mo first waagbreed, trying mkdocs, setting up accelerometer tu getting accelerometer to communicate with processing, fabricademy lecture about biochromes



tu documenting fabricademy, research for textiles project and testing out CA software, fabricademy lecture about e-textiles we fabricademy e-textiles lecture and demonstration by Emma and soft sensors shown by Anja, moving documentation to jekyll th giving tours for the open day, testing the tevo tarantula
fr dutch design week veemgebouw


mo waagbreed presentation, talk about concept with Cecilia, vinyl cutter test, testing tevo tarantula, printing reset button, continuing with jekyll (worked on it during the weekend), finally setting up waag e-mail tu 3d printing parts to upgrade the tevo tarantula we 3d printing parts for the tevo, working on a soft slide sensor for fablab experiment 1 th trying to get the tevo to continue a failed print (did not work), giving a few very intensive tours on the open day fr printing 3 parts for the tevo upgrade, getting jekyll documentation site to work on github, working on first textilelab experiments with 3d printer


mo working on upgrading the tevo tarantula, figuring out how to continue a failed print, working on textilelab archive tu cnc introduction, fabricademy course on open source hardware we working on textilelab prints and archive, 3d printing parts th quiet open day, designing a system to make a print stamping tool, 3d printing tests about visual cryptography fr working on lasercut files for the print stamping tool, went to media technology master open day in Leiden


mo sick tu sick we printing tevo parts, working on nonplanar slicing th open day tours, giving a 3D printing class to Fabricademy students, doing a nonplanar slicing test on the tevo fr steganography tests on fabric, nonplanar slicing on fabric


mo steganography tests on fabric, 3d printing part for the tevo upgrade, helping Bea with 3d printing, adding lots of images to documentation website tu trying to build the tevo titan extruder, fabricademy lecture on textiles as scaffold we cnc introduction 2D milling, designing a box in Fusion360 to mill th cnc introduction 3D milling, open day, assisting with lasercutting , 3D printing parts fr trying to fix EL wire on graduation collection coat (did not work), 3D printing parts


mo textilelab 3d print tests and visual cryptography tests, pattern generator tu residency application, finish cnc box model, fabricademy lecture on wearables we prepare cnc machine, textile 3d print and transfer paper tests, 3d print pen experiments th open day, milling the box with the cnc machine fr finishing the box, documenting process, figuring out array lists


mo 3d printing parst for tevo upgrade, talk with cecilia about textilelab project, make cnc model for glove with makehuman and fusion360 tu bioplastics project start and first experiments with sarah, cnc glove model we bioplastics with sarah th open day tours, 3d printing tevo parts, working on residency application fr working on residency application, blog and 3d printing


mo prepare cnc machine and file tu tevo upgrade we tevo upgrade on hold since I need specific screws, workshop inflatables, lasercutting bioplastics th cnc glove model changes and prepare file again, update documentation, open day tours fr cnc for 5 hours, documenting


mo documenting tu alginate bioplastic experiments (failed), lasercutting text molds, fabricademy lecture on skin electronics we more bioplastic experiments, taking microscope pictures th coating mold to cast bioplastic on it, bioplastic experiments fr bioplastic engraving


mo learning grasshopper, alginate glove casting tu learning grasshopper (pattern generation) we christmas holiday th christmas holiday fr christmas holiday


mo christmas holiday tu christmas holiday we christmas holiday th christmas holiday fr christmas holiday


mo documenting, taking photos of alginate bioplastic tests tu documenting, sewing alginate glove we documenting th documenting fr documenting, inventarisation of what I still need for Tevo upgrade, cryptography project research


mo documenting, cryptography project planning and research tu lasercutting experiments with fabrics (visual cryptography) and 3d printing sequins we lasercutting part 2, shape research, embroidering th open day, helping with lasercutting and 3d printing fr working on nina’s portfolio website


mo portfolio website development and design tu portfolio website development and design we portfolio website development and design th portfolio website development and design fr portfolio website development and design


mo sick tu print making with processing, textile symbol archive update, giving a tour we 3d printing fabric experiments, first fabacademy lecture, helping charlotte with 3d printing th open day tours, glove molding, helping charlotte with 3d printing fr glove molding, 3d printing fabric experiments, preparing glove model file for lasercutting


mo helping with lasercutting a game, discussing cryptography project with cecilia, lasercutting second glove mold tu assembling and coating lasercut glove mold, documenting, 3d printing fabric experiments we documenting th fabacademy fusion360 workshop fr coating lasercut glove mold, concept research


mo web development, concept research, job application tu concept research, lotte’s cocreation interview, glove molding we concept finalization and discussion, planning the realization of the project, job application, circular fashion course th open day tours, glove molding, print and lasercut preparation fr full day lasercutting fabric


mo lasercutting fabric and tevo tarantula upgrade tu tevo tarantula upgrade and documenting we lasercutting final fabric, tevo tarantula upgrade and documenting th tevo tarantula upgrade, open day tours, giving 3d printing tutorials, assisting with lasercutting fr documenting and planning tevo, preparing 3d print files


mo tevo upgrade tu mannequin lasercutting and assembling we mannequin assembling th job interview and open day fr mannequin final assembling and documenting


mo glove 3d modeling and testing filaflex filament tu glove 3d printing with filaflex and documenting we second glove 3d printing and lasercutting polygon suit