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concept description

First concept: creating a system with open source textures

To 3D-print on and lasercut or press directly into garments (with vinyl-cut patterns or frased molds), to:

A system like this is meant to give worn garments a second chance, for illfitting garments to fit once again and to protect both the garment and the wearer.

I could create an open source capsule collection out of existing vintage garments that have been transformed with these techniques and provide instructions how to do it yourself.

Another idea could be to have this system and a system of one size fits all garments that you can hyperpersonalize using above methods (but using existing garments is definitely more sustainable; also I found out that a similar concept already exists).


For now, this project has two main goals. The first is developing an open source library with files and instructions on how to use a fablab to alter clothing. The library could be used in maker education (workshops etc.) and by other designers or whoever who wants to alter their clothes. The second is creating a capsule collection using the methods researched with secondhand garments, to demonstrate what is possible (and to display my fashion design skills). I would also like to do a photoshoot or video.